The Young Like it Hot / Sweet Young Foxes

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The Young Like it Hot / Sweet Young Foxes

The Young Like it Hot / Sweet Young Foxes

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Our first feature begins with that aforementioned theme song playing over the opening credits. Don't let the fact that it doesn't really relate to the story at all dissuade you. In fact, the title doesn't have anything to do with the story either. But that doesn't matter. Our first attraction tells the tale of a group of telephone operators made up of Cheryl (Kay Parker), Nancy (Rose-Linda Kimball), Marie (Lili Marlene), Cindy (Shauna Grant), David (Bud Lee) and their supervisor Loni (Hyapatia Lee). They're collectively concerned about holding onto their jobs because their boss, Mr. Fishbait (Eric Edwards), is seriously considering replacing them with computers. Putting aside the comedy of the first feature in favor of more dramatic element, this story of three beautiful young ladies blossoming into womanhood is decent enough. Nobody here is going to win an Oscar for convincing heartfelt performances but the three leads do alright as they struggle with issues typical of those going away from home for the first time. Of course, it's all just an excuse to get the three leads naked and busy as often as possible but there' s more than enough here to hold our attention. This one is a good bit of fun. The plot is both ridiculous and predictable but that doesn't really matter so much - if it entertains while it bridges the sex scenes together than it's done its job. Some of the humor bits here works better than others. The scenes with Silvera and the gorgeous Shauna Grant are pretty amusing and lead to a welcome finish while the bits with Bud Lee aren't typically as solid. The real draw will be the copious scenes of boinking, which in Chinn's typical style, are both well staged and very well shot. There's plenty of heat here with Hyapatia Lee's scenes being the stand out moments, though Parker, Grant and an underused but strikingly hot Lori Smith are do sterling work in the carnality department as well. This one is plenty steamy and quite entertaining too. Two thumbs up! The most erotic part is Cheryl teaching a caller how to deep throat her husband and there are comic escapades from repairman Jim who regularly rings silly Cindy for construction advice only to get injured. He decided to show up at the office to give her a piece of his mind, instead he falls in love and gets a piece of the action.

A bunch of fetching ladies who work for a small town self-help line discover that they are going to be replaced by computers. The gals decide to prove that they are better than any machines by offering erotic advice and titillating conversations to their regular callers.Ask anyone “what they did during the pandemic” and they will most likely rattle off a few hobbies or newly acquired interests. Maybe they got really into making their own kombucha, or learned a new instrument. Or maybe, if they’re like me, they collected several vintage porn posters. I hope they do more or at least this one time release starts a trend for other disturber to try and go in and re-release other classic adult films on blu ray as crazy as this sounds something like this could really help them make money (If they did it the proper way) I was wondering how long it would take for a studio to snatch up classic adult films and remaster them in HD and on the winning format (blu ray) The second part of this double feature opens with a song that informs of that sweet young foxes know what they want and additionally that they know how to get it. Armed with that knowledge, we're full prepared to meet Laura (Hyapatia Lee), Maggie (Cara Lott) and Kim (Cindy Carver) - three gals who have just finished up their first year at college. They've got the summer off and they're looking to get down, but there's trouble afoot. See, Laura is too busy pining away for her boyfriend Alex (Bud Lee) who is studying way over on the east coast. On top of that, her mom Julie (Kay Parker) is having a little too much fun since her divorce went through, and she's getting busy with Professor Raymond (Eric Edwards).

A double dose of Bob Chinn's directorial output featuring the beautiful Hyapatia Lee in both features, and in beautiful high definition, no less? Proof positive that there is a God, and that he's a fan of Ms. Lee too. It would seem, after all, that she was blessed in more ways than one! And on top of that, each one of these Caribbean Films Productions features its own ridiculously catchy theme song!

Did we miss something on diversity?

A belated entry from Caribbean Films and their former Playboy Playmate producer Gail Palmer, also this film's nominal screenwriter along with uncredited input from Bud and Hyapatia Lee and the late great Jim Holliday, THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT bears comparison with director Bob Chinn's other forays into frantic fornication farce like his classic CANDY STRIPERS and the under-appreciated TELEFANTASY. Ever the deft dirty movie raconteur, on a par with the equally taken for granted Gary Graver a/k/a "Robert McCallum", Chinn's recipe for limitless lust proves refreshingly simple. Take a single, stereotypical professional setting (hospital or TV station respectively) and turn loose a large, hormonally charged superstar cast within. Here again, we have Jamie Gillis casted as an absolute creep, only this time in a starring role alongside Andrea True. Even if you’re not familiar with Andrea’s acting, you’re probably familiar with her music—her song “ More More More,” was a certifiable disco hit, one that was subsequently sampled in “ Steal My Sunshine” by LEN—though my favorite song of hers is “ Music for Money,” off of the 1980 album War Machine. Nobody understood why anyone would try or even care to dust off vintage adult films and remaster them in HD

Again, the movie is nicely shot and lit, it's well paced and edited and it's just really well put together. Chinn's output from this period is always dependable on those levels and neither feature on this disc disappoints. Not all Golden Age stars were capital-A Actors—Platinum Princess Seka admits freely to being more of a “performer” than a thespian—but they all took their work seriously. This, coupled with the legal requirement that pornography have “artistic merit,” resulted in a boom of blue movies with plot and production value. A double dose of Bob Chinn's directorial output featuring the beautiful Hyapatia Lee in both features, now upgraded for 4k? Proof positive that there is a God, and that he's a fan of Ms. Lee too. It would seem, after all, that she was blessed in more ways than one! And on top of that, each one of these Caribbean Films Productions features its own ridiculously catchy theme song! Things aren't any easier for Maggie and Kim. After going at it with a guy friend (Ron Jeremy) she's not interested in doing anything other than smoking a lot of dope - see, she had a rough upbringing and it's easier to hide in a cloud of pot smoke than to deal with her lousy home life. Kim can't seem to do anything except stress out about keeping her grades up. A party thrown by their friend Miranda (Jill Manning) allows Laura to look for some much needed action when she runs into a guy (Carl Lincoln) she had a crush on in high school. Kim finds true love when she hooks up with another dude (Blair Harris) while Maggie winds up getting busy with none other than Miranda herself. Lee once again steals the spotlight in her sex scenes but Parker definitely has the MILF thing down to a science by this point and she's solid here too. Cara Lott and Cindy Carver, neither lady a slouch in the heat department, are also fun to watch here. Jill Manning also does the foxy older lady thing really well here too.

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Loni gets the main sex action as she gets it on with dim boss Mr Fishbait, the token male phone operator gets a blow job from her as a thank you for doing good work and indulges in some lesbian action with nervous Marie. Both films get the English language DTS-HD Mono treatment. Clarity is just fine in each film with those theme songs sounding nice and clear with good depth. Balance is fine in each picture and there are no problems with any hiss or distortion. Dialogue is clean, crisp and clear. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided.

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