Lord Foul's Bane: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book One

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Lord Foul's Bane: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book One

Lord Foul's Bane: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book One

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Squishy Wizard: Despite his frailty, on those occasions he can make his ring work, he wields more magical power than almost anyone else in the Land. Blood Magic: Like everyone who uses the Sunbane, they need to shed blood (their own or other peoples') to make their powers work. At the end of The Wounded Land, Covenant gives them the krill, enabling them to use it to fuel their magic instead. The Big Guy: Well, he is a Giant, making him the largest and strongest main character in the First Chronicles. Either/Or Prophecy: The paradoxical nature of white gold, wild magic, and Covenant himself is consistently emphasized by the prophecy that he will either "save or damn" the Land.

A Haruchai warrior, one of the foremost of the Bloodguard, Bannor is Covenant's near constant shadow during the First Chronicles. Bannor is a man of few words but unflinching honor, and as a leader of the Haruchai he is one of the most skilled warriors to walk the land. After the disbanding of the Bloodguard, Bannor joined the Ramen in the plains of Ra, and there encountered Covenant one last time, though he refused to enter Foul's Creche. Their given names are also very close to Semitic words. "Jehannum" sounds like "Jahannam," the Islamic concept of hell, "Herem" can mean "utter destruction" in Hebrew (it refers to irrevocably giving something to God) and "Sheol" is the realm of the dead in ancient Judaism. The Man Who Killed His Brother • The Man Who Risked His Partner • The Man Who Tried to Get Away • The Man Who Fought AloneDemoted to Dragon: The Ravers actually predate Foul's arrival in the Land; they were its reigning supreme evils for a while, until Foul showed up and the Ravers were drawn to him like moths to a flame. Of course, seeing as personality-wise there's little difference between Lord Foul and a Raver, they still get to do pretty much what they would have done anyway except with a more powerful patron, so they're generally content in their servitude.

Psychoactive Powers: Apparently, Covenant's troubles with making his ring work stem from his own self-doubt, self-loathing, and fear of responsibility. Other people can make it work fine, though without the same potential level of power Covenant as the rightful wielder possesses. Viles are an extinct race who spawned the Demondim. They were non-corporeal, but nonetheless very powerful. Initially a proud and gifted race, they were led into self-hatred and despair by the Ravers. They were eventually destroyed by the Council of Lords, under High Lord Loric "Vilesilencer". The title character and main protagonist of the series. Thomas Covenant was a successful author who contracted leprosy, leading to the loss of two of his fingers, his wife leaving him and taking their infant son, and subsequently descended into a downward spiral of self-loathing and alienation from his fellow human beings. That was about when he got nearly hit with a police car and somehow translated into the alternate dimension known as the Land, where he found himself thrust into the position of a champion against the local God of Evil, Lord Foul the Despiser (due to his resemblance to a legendary hero and possession of a white gold wedding ring, in the Land an object of great power) — and promptly decided he'd have none of that, christening himself "the Unbeliever" and declaring the whole thing was nothing but an elaborate hallucination. Covenant is a notorious cynical Jerkass and consistently unpleasant character, though (very deep) down inside he possesses the true potential to " save or damn" the Land. He saves it. Eyeless Face: Thanks to a birth defect, he simply doesn't have eyes. This is how he knows The Land is real — being born blind, he has no memories of what colors are, or what sight even was, so it's impossible for him to have dreamed them.Evil Chancellor: Samadhi played this role to the last king of Doriendor Corishev (the guy Berek Halfhand rebelled against). Moksha later did it to Kastenessen, riding herd on the mad Elohim and keeping him focused on things that would aid Lord Foul's purposes. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The names that others have for them (Jehannum, Herem, and Sheol) are all terms for condemnation or damnation, reflecting how the other inhabitants of the Land see them. In their Giant forms their names are Fleshharrower, Kinslaughterer and Satansfist.

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