Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

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Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

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For someone with a grudge against the Empress – someone who needs to travel unseen to the heart of the Empire – seeking out the legendary Azath House in the Raraku desert seems like a risk worth taking. Blistig is just a decent guy trying to survive in a corrupt world, and doing the best he can to stay in charge of the Guard at Aren (aka. They leave to seek her out and find instead Fiddler, Crokus, and Apsalar, who have made their way through storms, rebel pursuers, and the ongoing shapeshifter battle.

He learns of a traitor Jhistal within Pormqual's camp in Aren from rebels he affects to join as he travels, and joins a Malazan family fleeing toward Aren after he helps them defeat the rebels, including Captain Keneb and his wife's sister Minala, both warriors.

Icarium finds one of his own time-measuring devices intact and 94,000 years old in the midst of a destroyed First Empire city, but accepts Fiddler and Mappo's assurances that an ascendant or god must be responsible for the destruction. Erikson appears to be doing something big and shiny, but I have not yet been quite able to grasp what it is. Baudin and Heboric arrange, with Duiker's help, to escape from the mines during a slave mutiny and give Felisin the chance to go with them, and she agrees. However, Seven Cities is being consumed by a rebellion known as the Whirlwind, led by the prophetess Sha'ik from the Holy Desert of Raraku.

One of the three tribes facing the Chain attacks the other two and Dom's army, defeating the tribes but not the army, but declares the Wickans the most powerful after they survive the multiway fight around them. It’s made very clear from the beginning that Felisin is a sacrifice, one that will make Tavore’s appointment to Adjunct more palatable to the lowborn as well as clearly demonstrating to everyone else where her loyalties lie. Erikson has an interest in wargaming and he "mapped out every battle that Coltaine engages in in the entire novel. Kalam and company exit the warren in Aren to learn that Salk Elan, who claims to be Kalam’s friend, is waiting for him with a ship, and though Kalam’s suspicious he has little choice but to investigate. At P’atha crossing, Nil and Nether sacrifice a mare to gift Coltaine’s heavy cavalry with strength enough to charge up Kamist Reloe’s artificial ramp, and they’re helped by the wayward sappers who hid themselves in the ramp the night before; the marines ably guard the wounded and a Wickan band guarding the refugees destroys its attackers, though not without losses of refugees, and attacks the flanking tribes’ flanks to drive them away.

Fiddler meets a Tano Spiritwalker, a mage who uses song to work spells, who offers a song of power that may grant ascension to the Bridgeburners, whom he believes fought honorably in their empire's dishonorable war to take the Seven Cities. Coltaine insists that Duiker keep the bottle Dujek sent him because it is more important that the empire's memory survive than its soldiers. Kalam gets the sense that the captain is under a glamour not to tell him something important, so he contacts Quick Ben for help, who says that the ship is indeed under a glamour of confusion and that he will try to get help to Fiddler and company as they approach Tremorlor due to the active warrens. Minala sneaks on board a trader following the Ragstopper, which Pormqual puts in the charge of his treasurer. I know they're supposed to be other worlds or smth, but how do people keep entering them and getting lost?

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