Gone with the Wind [DVD] [1939]

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Gone with the Wind [DVD] [1939]

Gone with the Wind [DVD] [1939]

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The overall fidelity doesn't transcend the age of the film, but it's clean and reasonably full-bodied, and the same holds true for the dialogue and sound effects.

It is a must-have for fans of Gone With The Wind and Old Hollywood and ideal for those interested in films. This is a sumptuous 1930s colour movie, one that swept the board at the Academy Awards, and it manages the grand sweep and the chamber scenes with near equal verve. Several of the other extras marvel at the production design, the film's lavish sets, and the ambitious matte paintings largely responsible for conveying the scale of this Civil War epic, yet they're not explored in any considerable depth either. For example, The Wizard of Oz included a half-hour featurette entitled "Victor Fleming: Master Craftsman", and although Gone with the Wind is highlighted prominently in that retrospective, it didn't find its way to this Blu-ray set. He's the one man in the movie where there's no doubt that he'll go to whatever lengths necessary to protect the people he cares about, and he'll undoubtedly come out on top.GWTW is full of people playing roles, just like its actors, trapped in the past as times change; and is it better to pull yourself up by the boot straps or sink solemnly and with dignity down into the oblivion, true to the old ways?

What sets Rhett apart from the more respectable Southern gentlemen pictured here is that they march in lockstep with what's expected of them. Through the love affairs of its central characters, the movie also explores the norms of the old South, the emotional and financial devastation of the war, and the opportunities of the new South in the wake of the war.

A certain strength and tenacity had long simmered inside her, and it isn't until war breaks out that it's brought to a full boil.

There are no discernible flaws at all: no speckling or wear, no excessive filtering or digital noise reduction, no hint of edge haloes, and no stutters in the compression to speak of. This segment also touches on the shifting balances of power throughout Hollywood as a whole, including the arrival of such Method actors as Brando, the power of the producer making way for directors craving more creative control, and the reluctant embrace of darker themes and more graphic violence.This does little to change the fact that Rhett more than any other man in the film follows through with what he believes to be right, putting himself at great risk along the way. Her attraction comes in fits and spurts, and the more enthralled she becomes, the more quickly Rhett's interest seems to fade.

Also tucked inside are a booklet summarizing the extras along with a series of advertisements, including offers for a Gone with the Wind cuckoo clock and a charm bracelet. There is also a gallery of the GWTW trailers released over the decades and the prologue from the international release which was also used to introduce GWTW when it was secretly previewed to unexpected but excited audiences. Some of the dated racial stereotypes are a little cringeworthy, and the insistence that cotton is and will forever be the backbone of the South seems kind of myopic even in 1939. This disc contains three documentaries about the main cast as well as a mini-documentary titled The Supporting Players: Cameo Portraits of an Unforgettable Ensemble. Esta es una valoracion del bluray ASIN B00LTQPB6W Es la edicion italiana del 75 aniversario, la mas completa de las que habia disponibles, aunque el master es exactamente el mismo que se utilizó para el 70 aniversario, yo tengo ambos ahora y diría que sin embargo este del 75 lo percibo algo más nítido, pero puede ser una impresión subjetiva.It's certainly true that the black characters throughout Gone with the Wind settle somewhat into cliché, and the institution of slavery is never portrayed as a negative. It's impossible not to be bowled over by Rhett's quick wit and confident charm, and despite his vocal disinterest in the war, he's easily the most heroic of its male characters. Gone with the Wind has been lavished with a truly remarkable release on Blu-ray, from its meticulous 8K remaster to its nearly twenty hours of extras to the velvet-draped box in which this collectors' edition is housed.

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