Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

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Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

Heroes of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

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I want a book about the heroes of the space marines to actually be about the heroes of the space marines. I was rather dissapointed in the first story, "The Skull Harvest" by Graham McNeil, I've read his other works and have enjoyed them, so I had high expectations, but was severely let down. I do like that the main character is one of the potential recruits and the conflict within the Night Lords force is also nicely done. Ten stories, with 5 of them being focused on Chaos Space Marines hardly makes for a "heroes" collection, but aside from that, the book was good. The second story is `Gauntlet Run' by Chris Roberson which follows a squadron of Imperial Fist Scout Bikers as they race an Evil Sunz force across the desert.

Each of the stories follows marines of either the Imperium or Chaos as they fight their foes and complete their missions. This anthology features an Ultramarines series tie-in by Graham McNeill featuring the Iron Warrior Honsou, a prequel story to the Salamander series by Nick Kyme, a tie-in to the Imperial Fists series by Chris Roberson and Deathwatch and Night Lords stories, setting the stars ablaze with the fury of the Space Marines.This is a nice story that introduces the renegade Chaos God Malice (who veteran gamers may recognise as Malal). Freunde des Chaos werden das Buch mögen, für Leser, die alle Aspekte von WH40K mögen ist es wohl ok, aber Astartes fans rate ich die Finger davon zu lassen.

he most heroic battle-brothers in a Space Marine company often form an elite retinue, sworn to fight alongside their Captain. Gauntlet Run by Chris Roberson was rubbish, his Space Marines are too ordinary, his action pedestrian.Not too much to say, just some very fun action involving some rather brutal Black Templars and their friends in the Sisters. Peter Fehervari's Nightfall, like Ford before him, wrote a fun and exciting piece of horror, but it leaves you with too many questions that begin "why. This story tells of an encounter by the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter battling Chaos forces and the Dragon Warriors Chaos Space Marines. The final story in this collection is `One Hate' by Aaron Dembski-Bowden which although good is something of a retread of `And They Shall Know No Fear.

The Skull Harvest' by Graham McNeill - Chaos warbands, including the Iron Warriors who show up in other books, fighting in some sort of competition.

Scaevolla, a veteran of the Great Heresy, Black Legion champion and squad-leader, is compelled to seek out and duel the genetic descendants of his once-friend and eventual enemy, Captain Aleph of the Imperial Fists.

Ja, der Klappentext deutet schon an, dass es nicht nur um echte Space Marines sondern auch um die Verräter geht.This is very straightforward tale on crimson fists helping imperial guard while on their own mission. Alles in allem eine nette und kurzweilige Anthologie, welche Fans des WH40K Settings sicherlich unterhalten dürfte. Story three `Renegades' by Gav Thorpe is an okay story about a company of Avenging Sons Space Marines as they fight a loosing battle for the world of Helmabad. In the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 universe mankind is beset by foes in a galaxy wracked by eternal war.

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