Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

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Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

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And to top it all the mid-volume reveal that Mayor Zucco is actually Dick's half-sister actually worked for me.

In general I don’t read current DC comics, but Taylor does a wonderful job of not making you feel like you’re missing out on anything.

The best thing about this volume by far is the terrific art by Bruno Redondo, with coloring by Adriano Lucas. Along with Adriano Lucas’s vibrant colouring, Redondo brings a fluidity to his action with his panel layouts, as well as the double page spreads that uses intricately detailed collage work that show off Nightwing’s acrobatics.

For Dick, Blüdhaven is an opportunity for him to be a hero on a grander scale beyond “punching bad guys and then waiting to punch more”. Even the more comedic moments nail the landing due to Redondo’s expert ability in rendering character “acting” and portraying a sense of ease and comfort between Dick, Barbara, and Tim as they investigate the various criminals of Blüdhaven. But Taylor is also, luckily, self-aware enough to wrap this bluntness in candy-colored art from Bruno Redondo and tons of action, which is breezy and fast-paced, so that you almost don't see the heaping portions of moralization thrown at you. He truly understands these characters and he places them in situations that pulls on your heartstrings. Anyway, Bruno's Nightwing looks like an acrobat rather than a body builder and the rest of his figures look right to me.Redondo’s pencils with Adriano Lucas’ colors are some of the best in comics right now and Taylor’s scripts are confident and persuasive, especially in the smaller, more character driven moments. Other aspects though are transparently sentimental like when Dick gets a new pet puppy (kinda like Jonathan the actual wolverine in All-New Wolverine).

There are villains, both old and new, who make their presence known through violence and intimidation, but they are not the focus. This is honestly going to be a modern classic I highly recommend reading it because it will blow your mind. You’re given an answer to that dilemma by the end, but the surplus of villains within these pages mostly linger on the fringes of the narrative.And finally we have him facing multiple threats like that of Blockbuster's men named Brutale and Electrocutioner and how he fights them and then the big battle with Blockbuster when he attempts to find out the origins of the new Mayor Zucco and her strange connection to him and thats like one of the best part of the stories and I love the way the retcon is done and really makes for an interesting dynamic for him! The color palette isn't as subdued as Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run but Adriano Lucas understands that less is more in most cases. It also has hilarious details like that Dick hangs around his apartment in a Black Canary concert t-shirt.

I don’t usually touch on editors in my reviews, but in this volume Jessica Chen’s input and notes were noticeable from the outset, something which I thought was great to see and very helpful for new and old readers alike.I think this approach often creates problems, which is why he has Dick mention his aspirations to do more than just punch people. With all this new found money Dick is now a billionaire, and wants to make a difference in Bludhaven. Those willing to hitch a ride to Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo will very likely not regret such a decision. Dick Grayson’s big heart has protected those persecuted by bullies in his youth, combated evil alongside Batman as Robin, and pledged his newly inherited wealth to enriching Bludhaven as Nightwing.

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